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Herbal Wellness Consultations

If you are curious about working more deeply with herbs or looking for support with your health & wellbeing, these offerings are for you!

An initial consultation will take two hours, during which we will go over all body systems, taking time on any health challenges you might be having. We will also take note of personal history, emotional wellbeing, diet/lifestyle & spiritual practices. This will culminate in customized herbal formulas along with lifestyle and diet recommendations to help you achieve a state of thriving.


Follow up consultations are 45 minutes in which we will look at progress and make any necessary adjustments to your formulas.

Initial consultations - sliding scale $90-160

Follow up consultations - sliding scale $45-80

Custom Herbal Product Formulation

If you are looking for a clinically trained herbalist to help formulate herbal products for your business or product ideas, I offer my extensive knowledge of herbalism and formulation techniques to help you craft products that are effective and impactful.

Previous projects include:

Herbally infused cocktail & mocktail menus

Herbal tea blends

Herbal supplement design & formulation

Pricing dependent - contact for further discussion



Teaching & Mentorship

I teach about herbs, herbal medicine making, ethical wildcrafting, diet & nutrition, holistic health strategy and more.

I am available to teach at gatherings, festivals, online courses and work in small groups in a more in depth mentorship style.

Reach out if you are interested in me teaching for your upcoming gathering or course!

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