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Woman -

You are the Earth,

And the Earth is You.


Within your body lays a template that mirrors the Earth.


Your womb's internal seasons reflecting the seasons of nature.

The diversity of your microbiomes as rich as the soil.

The flowering of your being as radiant as a garden of roses.


Your womb, your hormones, your menstrual cycle, the arc of your sacred life

all reflect the seasons & cycles of Earth.


Plants are here to weave and strengthen this sacred reflection.

Plants are the intermediaries, the messengers and the gifts offered up by the Earth

to strengthen your connection to yourself and your most vibrant state of Being.

There is a garden of herbal medicine available to support your womb,

your inherent vitality and wellbeing.


If you have ever felt disconnected from your health, your womb, your sacred place in life, 

let this be your invitation into connection.


Whether you simply want to deepen your connection to your body, learn more

about the art & science of herbalism, have struggled with imbalances within your menstrual cycle,

feel disconnected from your womb and your feminine being,

or some combination of these things,

this offering is for you.

The Earth is our teacher, and plants are a language in which she teaches.

This 4 week online program is an opportunity to learn how this all works,

become empowered with tangible herbal education to support your wellbeing,

learn menstrual cycle literacy, discover new ways to take care of your body

and nourish your feminine essence.

What's Included -

4 Live Zoom classes with Q&A

Pre-recorded Wisdom Transmissions

Daily community chat & support

Experiential herbal practices

Science-based herbal education

Plant spirit connection

Plant monographs, herbal recipes & handouts

& more...

Learning from Amma is a nourishing experience. Her gentle, sweet & uplifting personality brings such ease to the educational experience. It always feels like I’m learning from an older sister, or aunty. I love that Amma often incorporates medicine making/herb tasting & general relation to the plants themselves as part of her classes. This element helps the information go beyond just our cognitive learning and memorization, but the learning becomes a part of our true knowing. I am so grateful to know Amma and couldn’t recommend her enough!

- Oshauna

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