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A bit about me...

I am a plant nerd, herbal educator, clinical herbalist,

gardener & earth lover.

On any given day, you can find me in the woods talking to plants, crafting up herbal creations in the kitchen, nose deep in plant studies or some other version of devoted earth connection.

I have maintained a lifelong connection to the realms of nature, and that love affair has informed my path as an herbalist and advocate of wellness through connection to Earth and its plant medicines. I am wildly passionate about the interconnectedness between our bodies health and the health of the natural world. I trained in bioregional herbalism, Ayurveda, ethical wildcrafting and clinical herbalism through the Hawthorn Institute and have continued to devote myself to the path of herbal medicine ever since. I believe connection to the Earth and herbal medicine is our intrinsic birthright - and can be a vehicle for healing the world and ourselves.

I am honored to serve as a conduit in this way.


Foundations of Bioregional Ayurveda & HerbalismHawthorn Institute 
Advanced Clinical Herbalism - Hawthorn Wellness Clinic 

Apothecary Apprentice - Hawthorn Wellness Clinic
Volunteer Clinical Herbalist Rogue Herbalism 

Clinical Herbalist - Elder Apothecary


My Approach

Your wellbeing and nature's wellbeing are intimately intertwined. Let's connect you back to yourself and the earth through herbal medicines, wellness practices & holistic lifestyle shifts.

Based in Southern Oregon, my practice is informed by the seasons & rhythms of the land around me. My approach is a unique integration of clinical herbalism, self care practices, dietary adjustments, ritual & nature connection. As in nature, our work together can evolve organically. This means our consultations could extend outside of a traditional clinical setting, to the kitchen, the garden and the bountiful Southern Oregon nature.

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