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My Approach

Your wellbeing and nature's wellbeing are intimately intertwined. Let's connect you back to yourself and the earth through herbal medicines, wellness practices & holistic lifestyle shifts.

Based in Southern Oregon, my practice is informed by the seasons & rhythms of the land around me. My approach is a unique integration of clinical herbalism, self care practices, dietary adjustments, ritual & nature connection. As in nature, our work together can evolve organically. This means our consultations could extend outside of a traditional clinical setting, to the kitchen, the garden and the bountiful Southern Oregon nature.

A bit about me...

I am a plant nerd, gardener, student of Ayurveda, kitchen witch, earth worshipper, dancer & lover of life

I have maintained a lifelong connection to the realms of nature, and that love affair has informed my path as an herbalist and advocate of wellness through connection to nature and its medicines. I am wildly passionate about the interconnectedness between our bodies health and the health of the natural world. I trained in bioregional herbalism, Ayurveda, ethical wildcrafting and clinical herbalism through the Hawthorn Institute and have continued to devote myself to the path of herbal medicine ever since. I believe everyone deserves access to herbal medicine, holistic health support and connection to nature. I am honored to serve as a conduit in this way.



Foundations of Bioregional Ayurveda & HerbalismHawthorn Institute 
Advanced Clinical Herbalism - Hawthorn Wellness Clinic 

Apothecary Apprentice - Hawthorn Wellness Clinic
Volunteer Clinical Herbalist Rogue Herbalism 

Clinical Herbalist - Elder Apothecary

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