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Plant Mother is a blend of nervine herbs known to carry feminine or mother energy. For the times when you need nurturing mother energy to lean on, this formula can support the nervous system and promote calm. These herbs are used by many to emotionally support one through times of grief or stress.


  • Motherwort ~ "Mother of Herbs," heart & nervous system support, promote states of calm and well-being, strengthen the heart both physically & emotionally


  • Tulsi ~ "Queen of Herbs," adaptogen, stress support, known to support vitality, cognitive function, can be supportive to calm overactive mind


  • Rose ~ "Queen of Flowers," gentle heart opener, nervous system support, energetically a "boundary strengthening" plant, energetically known to promote feelings of self love & compassion


tinctured in high proof honey spirits, spring water & raw honey


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Plant Mother ~ stress support

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  • Motherwort (leonorus cardiaca), Tulsi (ocimum tenuiflorum), Wild Rose (rosa spp.) tinctured in high proof honey spirits, spring water & raw honey

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