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If there is one thing I see time & time again in my work with people & plants -

it's that everyone needs nervous system care.


Whether it is challenges with sleep, anxiety, burnout, trauma, digestion, difficulty concentrating or just an overall sense of lost vitality -

all of these issues are related to the wellbeing of the nervous system.


If you are nearing the end of your year feeling overwhelmed, depleted or struggling with any of the aforementioned issues, I am delighted to offer you a warm invitation into the

Herbal Nervous System Reset.


This 4 week online program is an opportunity to learn how this all works, become empowered with practical lifestyle hacks to reset your nervous system, learn more about the magical world of herbalism & connect directly with plants that renew your nervous system.

Live Zoom classes with Q&A

Daily community chat & support

Herbal medicine box mailed directly to you

Experiential herbal practices

Science-based herbal education

Plant spirit connection

Learning from Amma is a nourishing experience. Her gentle, sweet & uplifting personality brings such ease to the educational experience. It always feels like I’m learning from an older sister, or aunty. I love that Amma often incorporates medicine making/herb tasting & general relation to the plants themselves as part of her classes. This element helps the information go beyond just our cognitive learning and memorization, but the learning becomes a part of our true knowing. I am so grateful to know Amma and couldn’t recommend her enough!

- Oshauna

Payment plan available

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