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Beauty Way


 A week-long mini herbalism course devoted to Beauty. This immersion will be a holistic meeting of practical and ritualistic ways to infuse more beauty into your life. We will learn about skincare from an herbalism approach, discover specific herbs for skin health and explore self-care practices and earth rituals to connect to our innate beauty and radiance. This course includes:  🕊SCIENCE-BACKED SKINCARE STRATEGIES 🕊HERBALISM FOR SKIN HEALTH 🕊SELF CARE AS SELF LOVE 🕊BEAUTY RITUALS FOR INNER + OUTER RADIANCE 🕊EARTH-BASED BEAUTY PRACTICES 🕊RECIPES + HANDOUTS 🕊GUIDED MEDITATION ~~~ (This live course was recorded March 2024) • 2 Recorded Zoom classes (recorded) • Wisdom Transmissions • Live Closing Call • Downloadable handouts, recipes, plant monographs & rituals • Telegram group chat

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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