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Gateways is a blend of herbs known to enhance subtle consciousness expansion. This formula is a mixture of oneirogen (dream enhancing) and aphrodisiac herbs that can support increased sensitivity, awareness and mood enhancement. These herbs have a history of use in magical and spiritual practice across many cultures.


Featured herbs:

  • Blue Lotus - contains aporphine and nuciferine, alkaloids induce calm & euphoria, used for lucid dreaming & spiritual purposes


  • Mugwort  - induces vivid or lucid dreams, subtly shifts consciousness, used in magical practices across cultures


  • Damiana  sensitizes nervous system, increasing our sensory perception, increases feelings of sensuality & euphoria, supports lucid dreaming


  • Passionflower  - used to increase clairvoyance, expand sensory perception, used for spiritual purposes in many cultures


  • Hawthorn - a "gateway" herb, offers protection & connects us to the "otherworld"


tinctured in high proof honey spirits, spring water & raw honey


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Gateways ~ dream enhancing & aphrodisiac

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Blue Lotus (nymphaea caerulea),  Mugwort (artemisia douglasiana), Damiana (turnera diffusa), Passionflower (passiflora incarnata), Hawthorn berries (crategous monogyna) tinctured in high proof honey spirits, spring water & raw honey

    2oz / 60ml

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